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Electronic Endorsmentof Civil Registry Document

Electronic Endorsement of Civil Registry Document

Endorsement is the process by which copies of registered documents not found in the CRS database or the NSO archives can be forwarded to the NSO Central Office for verification so that NSO can issue copies of the documents on security paper or on CRS Paper. Since 1997, processing of endorsed documents has been highly centralized. All documents intended for endorsement have to be mailed to Civil Registration Department (Department) for processing and eventual issuance of the certification. But the centralized processing turned out to be tedious with problems cropping up not only the side of the clients who need the documents but also on the side of the Department. If the need of the client is urgent and he could not go back to the Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO) where the document is registered to request the City/Municipal Civil Registrar (C/MCR) to endorse a copy of the document, the client has to enlist the help of other persons in requesting the C/MCRs to endorse the document through mail. But being able to send the document to the Department is only the start of the process. Endorsed documents are still subjected to the quality control process used by the Department. And, as a result, not all of the endorsed documents are accepted. Sometimes, the endorsed document is not the right document or the signature of the signatory is different from the official signature of the signatory loaded in the CRS database or the endorsed document has signs of erasures, tampering and many more.

On the side of the Department, problems such as difficulty in the manual retrieval, missing/misplaced documents, backlog on the archiving and lack of personnel delay the processing of endorsed documents.

To facilitate the process of endorsement, the Office of the Civil Registrar General (OCRG) and its partner in the CRS-IT Project, Unisys Phils, developed the process of Electronic Endorsement. Through the Electronic Endorsement Process, the once centralized function of accepting endorsed documents will now be decentralized to the various SerbilisOutlets. The Outlets will do an initial inspection of the documents and scan those that pass their inspection to produce the electronic copy that will be forwarded to the Central Office for verification and approval. If approved, the originating Outlet can already issue a copy based on the endorsed document. With this set-up, the public can look forward to more convenience with the service points brought close to them and a greatly improved endorsement service as well.

Sending the Endorsed Documents to the Servicing Outlet
In case the document to be endorsed is still with the LCRO where the event was registered, the client should present the negative certification issued by NSO to the ICRO and request the LCRO to endorse the document requested to NSO.

  • Endorsements: The LCRO should prepare a copy of the document to be endorsed.
  • Piecemeals: The LCRO should photocopy the document to be endorsed. The photocopy will be filed with the other documents registered for the reference month which will be submitted 10 days after the reference month. The remark "Submitted in advance on to " should be indicated in the document.

The LCR of the place of occurrence shall then forward the "Copy for OCRG" to the nearest (most accessible) Servicing Outlet.


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If, on the other hand, the "Copy for OCRG" of the document that needs to be endorsed is already with the NSO Provincial Office, the client should present the negative certification issued by NSO to the Provincial Office and request the document needed to be endorsed.

  • Piecemeals: The Provincial Office should photocopy the document to be endorsed and add this remark "Submitted in advance on _________ to " to the document. The photocopy will be filed with the other documents registered for the reference month which will be submitted after processing has been made.

The Provincial Office shall then forward this copy to the nearest or most accessible Servicing Outlet.

Copy of the endorsed documents should be placed in an envelope, sealed properly then sent to the nearest Servicing Outlet through any of the following channels:

  • Authorized liaison officer of the LCRO or NSO
  • Courier services
  • Postal mail
  • Personal delivery (this option will be allowed later when the procedure for personal delivery had been defined)