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2002 SOF Highlights
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Housing & Construction

Private Building Construction Statistics
Private construction statistics from approved building permits relate to data on new constructions and additions, alterations and repairs of existing residential and non-residential buildings and other structures undertaken in all regions/provinces of the country.

Data are taken from the original application forms of approved building permits collected by NSO field personnel from Local Building Officials nationwide.


  1. Data on private building constructions refer to those proposed to be constructed or construction work started during the reference period and not to construction work completed during the reference period.

  2. The completeness of the number of building permits collected relies on the applications filed and approved by the Offices of Local Building Officials (LBOs). Hence, private building constructions without approved building permits are not included in the tabulation of data. read more...

Census of Housing
Proclamation No. 205 declared January to December 2000 as Millenium Census Year. In May to July 2000, the National Statistics Office conducted the 2000 Census of Population and Housing (Census 2000). This nationwide undertaking is the 5th housing census conducted in the country since 1900.

The census of housing provides information on the supply of housing units, their structural characteristics and facilities. The housing conditions of the population influence the maintenance of privacy, health and the development and promotion of normal family living conditions. These information are vital for making rational plans and programs for development. read more...