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Labor Force Survey
The Labor Force Survey (LFS) is a nationwide survey of households conducted regularly to gather data on the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the population. It is primarily geared towards the estimation of the levels of employment and unemployment in the country. It is conducted every first month of the quarter in selected areas in the Philippines.

Starting 1987, the LFS used a new questionnaire design and adopted modifications in the concepts and definitions for measuring labor force and employment characteristics. This design is based on a past week reference period. However, due to increasing demand for data such as salaries and wages, new entrants, other occupations, etc., the LFS questionnaire has undergone revision. Thus, starting on January 2001, a revised LFS questionnaire with these updates was used.

The LFS questionnaire was further revised starting January 2002 with the inclusion of the line number of respondent and a screening question whether the household member has other job or business during the past week. Starting July 2003, the new 2003 Master Sample (MS) Design was adopted.

Starting with the April 2005 LFS. a revised questionnaire was used. The revised instrument incorporated items of inquiry that were deemed necessary to adequately capture the availability criterion and to reflect the reference period for identifying the discouraged workers. These changes were needed to adopt the international standard definition of unemployment. Some questions on the elements of decent work were also included such as reasons for working more than 48 hours, as well as questions for children on their attendance to school. read more...

Survey on Overseas Filipinos
The Survey on Overseas Filipinos (SOF) is a nationwide survey that seeks to gather information on Filipino citizens including overseas workers who left abroad during the last five years. Data on their remittances however, are gathered using the past six months. Such that all statistics presented in this report pertains only to those Filipinos who worked or have worked abroad during the last six months preceding the survey period.

The SOF is a rider survey to the October round of the Labor Force Survey every year.

Data collection of the characteristics of overseas workers started in 1982 using a one-page rider questionnaire in the Integrated Survey of Households (ISH) and continued until 1986.

In 1987, during the revision of the ISH Form 2 or the Labor Force Survey (LFS) questionnaire, a column indicator for overseas contract workers (OCWs) was added to get the estimate of the number of OCWs. With the increasing demand for information on overseas workers. The Survey on Overseas Workers (SOW) was resumed in 1991 revising the previous questionnaire to generate more comprehensive data.

Data on international migration were gathered in the 1988 National Demographic Survey (NDS). With the expanded coverage of the 1993 NDS on health and immunization, the section on international migration was deleted from the NDS but recommended for inclusion in SOW starting 1992. In 1993, the SOW was renamed to SOF. read more...

Survey on Children
The only source of a comprehensive child labor statistics in the country is the 1995 Survey on Children 5-17 Years Old (SOC). The results of the survey created awareness and led to many campaigns in eliminating child labor. The results were also cited in the law passed by Congress to protect the children from hazardous occupation.

The 2001 SOC provides an up-to-date reliable data on child workers and those children working in hazardous conditions. The availability of such statistics and its analysis are particularly essential for continuously establishing targets, formulating and implementing interventions and monitoring policies, regulations and programs aimed for eliminating or stopping the practice. read more...

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